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The Archive highlights significant documents relating to Taking Steps which are held in Archive by either Alan Ayckbourn, the Ayckbourn Archive at the University of York or The Bob Watson Archive at the Stephen Joseph Theatre. All material is copyright protected and should not be reproduced.
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Early notes by Alan Ayckbourn about the characters in Taking Steps held in the Ayckbourn Archive at the University of York. Note how Kitty was originally called Bridget and Leslie was originally Lionel. (Copyright: Alan Ayckbourn)

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A back-stage photograph of Alan Ayckbourn (front-centre) and the company of the original production of Taking Steps celebrating it being the first Stephen Joseph Theatre production to run for 100 performances. The cake was a reproduction of the production poster. (Copyright: Scarborough Theatre Trust)

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Detail from correspondence between Alan Ayckbourn and his agent Margaret ‘Peggy’ Ramsay’ in which Alan expresses his grave doubts about staging Taking Steps in the West End; Alan has always had reservations about the West End system and the quality of the productions compared to the original production which are voiced here. The Michael referred to is Alan’s long-standing London producer Michael Codron who produced the majority of his West End Ayckbourn productions between 1972 and 2002. (Copyright: Alan Ayckbourn)
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Detail from a letter sent from the press office at the Stephen Joseph Theatre In The Round, Scarborough, regarding booking for the 1990 revival of Taking Steps which saw Michael Gambon playing Roland Crabbe - in repertory with the lead role in Othello; Alan Ayckbourn’s first - and only - production of a Shakespeare play. (Copyright: Scarborough Theatre Trust)

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On 3 June 1981, the Scarborough Evening News reported that Prince Charles and his fiancé Lady Diana Spencer had unexpectedly turned up to one of the final performances of the West End run of Taking Steps. The couple would marry soon afterwards on 29 July 1981. (Copyright: Yorkshire Regional Newspapers)

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