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Published Editions

Taking Steps
Samuel French Ltd, 1981, ISBN 0573114250
Sisterly Feelings & Taking Steps
Chatto & Windus, 1981, ISBN 0701125616
Joking Apart & Other Plays
Penguin, 1982, ISBN 0140481680


Paul Allen: A Pocket Guide to Alan Ayckbourn’s Plays
pp.62-65 (Faber & Faber, 2004, ISBN 0571214924)
Paul Allen: Alan Ayckbourn - Grinning at the Edge*
pp.181-187 (Methuen, 2001, ISBN 0413731200)
Michael Billington: Alan Ayckbourn (2nd Ed)*
pp.139-142 (Palgrave, 1990, ISBN 0333498976)
Albert-Reiner Glaap: Ayckbourn Country (2nd Ed)*
pp.71-76 (Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, 2004, ISBN 3884766783)
Michael Holt: Alan Ayckbourn*
pp.31-32, 35-38 (Northcote Press, 1999, ISBN 0746308590)
Albert E. Kalson: Laughter In The Dark*
pp.67-68, 128-129 (Associated Universities Press, 1991, ISBN 0838634796)
Ian Watson: Conversations With Ayckbourn*
pp.68-69, 79 (Faber and Faber, 1988, ISBN 0571151922)
Sidney Howard White: Alan Ayckbourn*
pp.120-126 (Twayne Publishers, 1984, ISBN 080576870X)
* indicates out of print


British Farce: From Travers To Ayckbourn
Sheridan Morley, The Times, 20 November 1979
Waiting In The Wings
David Harrison, Bristol Evening Post, 8 March 1980
Russian Roulette And Sandwiches
Harold Hodgson, Peterborough Evening Telegraph, 3 April 1980
Success Beside The Sea
John Slim, Birmingham Post, 27 December 1980
A Visit To The Theatre Magician Of Scarborough
Carolyn Swift, Irish Times, 22 January 1985
Ayckbourn And Hall, The Chairmen Of The Boards
Valerie Groves, The Times, 22 March 2010
Ayckbourn At The Orange Tree (pt 1 & Pt 2)
Will Gore, Surrey Comet, 22 / 26 March 2010
Alan Ayckbourn And Sam Walters In Conversation
Taking Steps programme, Orange Tree Theatre March 2010

Reviews (world premiere)

Long Step To The West End
Gerard Dempsey, Daily Express, 22 Match 1980
Taking Steps
John Barber, Daily Telegraph, November 1979
Taking Steps
Stella Flint, Daily Telegraph, 18 March 1980
Ayckbourn passes The Seaside Test
Clare Colvin, Evening News, 31 October 1979
Taking Steps
Robin Thornber, The Guardian, 1 November 1979
Ayckbourn brings A Smile To Promoter
Eric Beardsworth, Lancashire Evening Telegraph, 25 March 1980
Taking Steps
Alan Hulme, Manchester Evening News, 17 March 1980
Taking Steps In The Right Direction
Jill Burdett, The Observer, 29 March 1980
Ayckbourn Gives Farce A New Meaning
Iain Meekley, Scarborough Evening News, 29 September 197
Taking Steps
David Jeffels, The Stage, October 1979
Taking Steps
Yorkshire Post, 3 November 1979

Reviews (London premiere)

Joking Apart
Amateur Stage, October 1980
Shades Of Ben
Country Life, 25 September 1980
This Farce Is A Comedy Of Errors
Daily Express, 6 September 1980
Just For Once, Ayckbourn Stumbles
Jack Tinker, Daily Mail, 3 September 1980
High Speed Gas!
Arthur Thirkell, Daily Mirror, 6 September 1980
Forget The Farce In Ayckbourn
John Barber, Daily Telegraph, 3 September 1980
Racey Farce Of Riotous Delight
Felix Barker, Evening News, 3 September 1980
Knocking 'Em For Six
Milton Shulman, Evening Standard 3 September 1980
Taking Steps
B.A. Young, Financial Times, 3 September 1980
Taking Steps
Michael Billington, The Guardian, 3 September 1980
Taking Steps
International Herald Tribune, 11 September 1980
Taking Steps
Jewish Chronicle, 12 September 1980
Taking Steps
The Listener, 12 September 1980
Taking Steps
New Statesman, 12 September 1980
Taking Steps
The Observer, 7 September 1980
Steps In Time
Sheridan Morley, Punch, 10 September 1980
Taking Steps
The Spectator, 13 September 1980
Taking Steps
Sunday Express, 7 September 1980
Taking Steps
Sunday Telegraph, 7 September 1980
Taking Steps
James Fenton, Sunday Times, 7 September 1980
Taking Steps
Irving Wardle, The Times, 3 September 1980
Upstairs, Downstairs
Patricia Craig, Times Literary Supplement, 19 September 1980
Farceur Laureate
Marina Warner, Vogue, November 1980
Michael Leach, Where To Go, 18 September 1980

Reviews (Scarborough revival, 1990)

Taking Steps
Robin Thornber, The Guardian, 7 December 1990
Play Full Of Laughs
Gillian Enlund, Scarborough Evening News, 5 December 1990
Taking Steps
David Jeffels, The Stage, 31 January 1991
Taking Steps
Jeremy Kingston, The Times, 14 December 1990
Take Steps In Ayckbourn's Direction
Yorkshire Evening Press, 7 December 1990
Taking Steps
Bob Keogh, Yorkshire Post, 6 December 1990

Reviews (London revival, 2010)

You'll Lose Your Heart To A Lovely Lawyer With A Soul
Quentin Letts, Daily Mail, 6 May 2010
Ayckbourn Is Taking Steps In The New Age
Henry Hitching, Evening Standard, 29 March 2010
Taking Steps
Michael Billington, The Guardian, 30 March 2010
Taking Steps
Kate Bassett, The Independent, 4 April 2010
Taking Steps
John Thaxter, The Stage (online), 29 March 2010
Taking Steps
Matt Wolf, theartsdesk.com, 29 March 2010
Taking Steps
Dominic Maxwell, The Times, 30 March 2010
Taking Steps
Michael Coveney, whatsonstage.com, 29 March 2010

Reviews (Scarborough revival, 2017)

Taking Steps
James Ballands, British Theatre Guide, 24 July 2017
Alan Ayckbourn's Farce Is A Tour de Force
Clare Brennan, The Observer, 3 September 2017
Taking Steps
Charles Hutchinson, The Press, 21 July 2017
Laugh Yourself Silly With A Revival Of Classic Ayckbourn Farce
Sue Wilkinson, The Scarborough News, 27 July 2017
Taking Steps
Sam Marlowe, The Times, 24 July 2017

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